Commercial and Business Aviation Online Training

Commercial and Business Aviation Online Training

We are pleased to offer the following Commercial and Business Aviation online training courses for Canadian Operators. Courses are designed for 702, 703, and 704 operations. If you are looking for more then one course or for a group of students, contact us. If you can't find a course that you are looking for or looking to setup a training program/course for your own company, please email.

Commercial and Buisness Aviation Training Courses.

Chief Pilot Commuter Operations CPCOM exam

Chief Pilot Air Taxi CPTAX exam

Operations Manager Air Taxi  OMTAX exam

Operations Manager Commuter OMCOM exam

Aircraft Critical Surface Contamination

Flight Dispatch Ground School

Pilot Decision Making

Canadian Radiotelephone Operator Certificate

Garmin GNS430

Pilot Upset Recovery Training

CFIT Controlled Flight Into Terrain

Multi Crew Course

Crew Resource Management